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Whey proteins have many functional and nutritional uses in the baking industry, which include absorption, viscosity, solubility, water binding, gelation, and emulsification, plus heightening flavor and aroma. By using K-PRO WPC, texture and appearance can be improved in cookies, cakes and icings etc., dough volume increased and shelf-life extended. Yet another benefit is the fact that by using whey proteins, costs are lowered as other more expensive ingredients, for example egg products, can be replaced by whey proteins.


K-LAC Lactose is advantageous when compared to other sugars, as it is relatively low in sweetness, increases browning, emulsification, moisture retention and taste. By using lactose instead of sucrose, for example, several advantages can be obtained such as increased volume, and improved freshness, plus there is better gas retention as well as enhanced flavor.


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