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It is universally known that breast milk is the ideal food for new born babies. However, for many reasons, it is not always possible for an infant to be breast fed. Baby formula manufacturers are constantly striving to find the closest match possible - one of the main differences being the higher whey protein and lactose content found in human breast milk when compared to cow's milk. By adding WPC and lactose to cow's milk based infant formula, this difference is reduced.


Some of the advantages of whey proteins are that they assist digestion and tolerance by the baby, as well as providing superior product stability. WPC also provides essential amino-acids. Lactose, too, has many properties which are beneficial when used in the production of infant formulas. One example is that it provides an important energy source for the young baby. As lactose is hydrolyzed slowly in the intestines, energy is supplied so that there is a stable blood glucose level between feedings. Lactose also provides a slight sweetness which encourages babies to drink milk.


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