The Tnuva Group began as a cooperative of agricultural producers and has become Israel’s largest food company that today employs about 6,500 people. This achievement is the result of successfully implementing major structural changes to meet the demands of the competitive local market and adapting its activities to advanced, global markets.

Tnuva specializes in various types of fresh, chilled and frozen food, maintaining a partial or complete chain of production, marketing and distribution to the end consumer. For Tnuva, the consumer generates the most important value in the chain, which starts with the farmer and ends with the consumer.


The Dairy Division produces dairy products such

as milk, hard cheeses, cottage and quark cheeses,

salted cheeses, creams, milk beverages, deserts

and organic dairy products etc.


The Food Division produces and markets eggs,

cold cuts, frozen pastries, fresh meat, poultry

products, and frozen vegetables etc.



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