The Plant


The Plant 



Ba’emek's production site, located north of the town of Afula, was built in 2001. The WPC and lactose production lines represent the latest in modern and efficient processing of whey into high quality products.


Ba'emek is designed to collect whey from all over Israel and can process up to 7 million liters of whey per week. This whey is processed into WPC, ranging from 34% to 80% protein and lactose in edible, refined or pharmaceutical grades which are produced in varying fineness or "mesh" sizes from 30 to 200.






To maintain the highest quality standards the production facility of the plant is supplied

with filtered air which is at a higher pressure than the outside environment. Personnel must

completely change their clothes and footwear before entering the production area.

This, in combination with the sanitizing of hands, prevents contamination entering

the critical processing areas of the plant.













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