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                                                           Ba'emek aspires to lead in the supply of Super 

                                                           Kosher dairy ingredients and derivatives

                                                           contributing high value to its customers and 








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Ba'emek develops, produces and markets dairy ingredients produced from fresh whey and milk.

The company is obligated to meet all international law requirements and maintains

an Integrated Quality Management System comprised as follows:


eng-iso 9001-2008


Israeli Standard ISO 9001 (Quality Management System)

iso 14001


Israeli Standard ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System)

18001-2007 heb


Israeli Standard OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Hazard Management System)



Israeli Standard FSSC 22000 (Food Safety Management System)



HACCP - Food Safety according to SII and Veterinary Services requirements



GMP - Good Manufacturing Practice according to the Ministry of Health's requirements.



GMP EXCiPACT - International Pharmaceutical Excipient Certification 


Ba'emek continuously acts and initiates steps that lead towards a progressive improvement of quality management processes in all organizational levels, according to the Integrated Quality System fields and requirements. Additionally, Ba'emek encourages its customers to audit its facilities frequently in order to leverage their insights and implement them in its continuous Quality Improvement Programs.




Safety & Environmental Standards  

Safety & Environmental Standards


Ba’emek acts and initiates procedures that guarantee employee health and safety and is committed to maintaining the highest environmental compliance.


Whey, the byproduct of cheese production which once polluted the environment, is processed by Ba'emek into value added products and in addition, produces thousands of tons of recycled water, which are used for refining its whey protein and lactose, as well as cleaning and sanitizing equipment.




Environmental Care


Israeli Standard ISO 14001

(Environmental Management System)

Ba'emek is an environmental preservation and safety company who not only cares about environmental preservation and safety but actively works towards this goal.


Ba'emek utilizes thousands of cubic meters of water (derived from its WPC and lactose production processes) in its lactose and protein refining processes, as well as in the cleaning and sanitation of the production equipment, and even by converting the recycled water into steam.


pdf - Ba'emek's "Green Cycle"  







Ba’emek's sustainability policy is based on a simple principle: Everything that we need for our survival and well-being depends, either directly or indirectly, on our natural environment.


Ba'emek seeks to create and maintain the conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony, thus fulfilling its social and economic responsibility to society.


Waste Management: The aim of the strategy is to reduce the negative impact on the environment that is caused by waste throughout its life-span, from production to disposal, via recycling. This approach means that every item of waste is seen not only as a source of pollution to be reduced, but also as a potential resource to be exploited.


Air, Climate & Energy: Working to reduce atmospheric levels of pollution and greenhouse gases, promoting green energy and adapting to a changing climate.


Sustainable Water: Helping to manage, protect and restore water resources and ecosystems through sustainable management of natural resources.


Materials Management & Safe Products: Promoting the use of cleaner materials and seeking to reduce material waste and chemical contamination by recycling.






Ba’emek encourages personal initiative, creativity and innovation. We strive for excellence at work and motivate our employees by clearly depicting the objectives by providing them with the means to perform and obtain their professional goals both independently and in close collaboration and team work with their colleagues.


Ba’emek acts to preserve and expand its customer base and to improve customer satisfaction while improving service and quality of its products.



Innovation & Creativity  

Innovation & Creativity


Product and process development is an integral part of Ba’emek’s operations. Ba'emek continuously strives to develop new products for a wide variety of applications, emphasizing added-value to our customers.


Ba'emek offers its customers a development and technical solutions team that is professional, experienced, and creative.


Ba’emek maintains close contact with its customers, domestically and worldwide, jointly developing custom-made products suitable for their requirements - such as reduction of raw material costs, increasing functionality and stream-lining logistics.


Ba'emek’s technical solutions team allows it to quickly implement production of new products and expedite their delivery to customers. Technical support is provided by means of supplying professional and innovative information, and if necessary, Ba'emek's technologist will personally guide the customer on site.



Development of Human Resources  

Human Resource Development


Ba’emek's employees are considered a crucial resource responsible for achieving its goals. Ba'emek invests in employee training, personal and professional promotion. Employees also participate in planning and applying improvement procedures within the plant in the fields of product safety, production processes, employee safety and health, and environmental quality.

The company actively responds to employee appeals and requests, and acts to improve their job satisfaction.






Ba’emek's culture encourages teamwork as a means to combine the individual talent of its employees with a supportive environment, where trust and respect are the norm; to yield a better product and efficient process. Healthy conflict and disagreement are welcomed, and feedback is given in the spirit of continuous improvement.



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