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Ba'emek Advanced Technologies is a producer of Super Kosher "Chalav Israel" whey protein concentrate, lactose and custom made functional blends and offers its customers a wide variety of Super Kosher, Kosher and Halal certificatesAll of Ba'emek's products are GMO free and vegetarian.







Pharmaceutical, Refined and Edible Monohydrate Lactose


Ba'emek's lactose is manufactured by a state-of-the-art process for treated whey, using "Chalav Israel" whey and high kosher supervision under a strict and modern quality system. The lactose is manufactured in ranges of 30,100, and 200 mesh sizes which are measured by the milling level, and are suitable for use in a variety of applications such as clinical nutrition, pharmaceutical fermentations, infant formulas, ice cream, yogurt, dairy desserts, chocolate and confectionary.


Our refined lactose is pure white, crystalline, free-flowing powder.

It is water-soluble and practically insoluble in alcohol. Refined edible grade crystalline alpha monohydrate lactose powder is produced by crystallizing lactose from fresh dairy whey, refining and then drying.

The product is a natural carbohydrate, vegetarian, flow agent, seeding agent and browning agent. Our lactose is Kosher, Super Kosher and Halal Approved.


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