Ba’emek develops, produces and markets dairy ingredients produced from fresh whey and milk. The company is obligated to meet all international law requirements and maintains an Integrated Quality Management System comprised as follows:

Ba’emek acts towards a continuous improvement of quality management processes in all organizational levels, according to the Integrated Quality System fields and requirements. Additionally, Ba’emek encourages its customers to audit its facilities frequently in order to leverage their insights and implement them.

Israeli Standard ISO 9001

(Quality Management System)

Israeli Standard ISO 14001

(Environmental Management System)

Israeli Standard ISO 45001

(Health and safety management standard)

FSSC 22000

(Food Safety Management System)


Food Safety system according to Codex Alimentarius guidelines and Israeli MOH requirements


Good Manufacturing Practice according to the Ministry of Health's requirements


International Pharmaceutical Excipient Certification

EHS (Environment, Health, Safety)

Since we know that all natural resources are finite, we strive to use them wisely with a long-term view. By focusing on processing whey – which was previously dumped as waste from cheese production – Ba’emek has become the primary source of value-added products. The company even utilizes thousands of cubic meters of water derived from its production processes, using it to clean production equipment.
Ba’emek manages procedures that guarantee employee safety and health and is committed to maintaining the highest levels of environmental compliance. The increasing requirements and expectations of our customers drive us to seek new ways to make our products healthier and more proper for sophisticated markets.
As an industrial company, Ba’emek strives to reduce its negative impact on the environment caused by waste. The company encourages recycling, supports the use of green energy and cleaner materials, and works constantly to reduce pollution levels.

>>> PDF – Ba’emek’s “Green Cycle”

Agility, Innovation & Creativity

Ba’emek strives to be efficient and agile, identifying market trends and evolving customer requirements and developing new products for a wide variety of applications. We encourage startups, academia and R&D companies to visit Ba’emek Tech facilities to learn how our technological expertise and experience with a wide variety of proteins (dairy and non- dairy) can accelerate development processes along with pilot applications.
Ba’emek Tech can integrate with any startup involved in fermentation process as part of R&D and any other step in the industrial production, to shorten the product’s TTM.
Other values without change.


Ba’emek encourages excellence at work and motivates employees by clearly depicting their objectives and by providing them with the means to perform and obtain their professional goals – both independently and through close collaboration and teamwork with their colleagues.

Ba’emek offers its customers a professional, experienced and creative development and technical solutions team. This team allows the company to quickly implement production of new products and expedite their delivery to customers. Technical support is provided by means of supplying professional and innovative information, and if necessary, Ba’emek’s technologist will personally guide the customer on site.

Human Resource Development

Ba’emek invests in employee training, personal and professional promotion. Employees also participate in planning and applying improvement procedures within the plant in the fields of product safety, production processes, employee safety and health, and environmental quality. The company actively responds to employee appeals and requests, and acts to improve their job satisfaction.